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"We're all just walking each other home."

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Walking home from school on a blustery Southeastern Idaho spring day was tough. Tired, hungry, cold, and that Idaho wind, oh my, nipping nose and biting toes. The walk, with friends, made the 6 block journey bearable - we'd talk about the day, boyfriends, homework, and that warm snack waiting at our homes. And as friends turned into their driveways, our group became smaller and smaller, until I was all alone. The last block was the hardest longest coldest. I've often thought of this - the conversations, the group dynamics, the friendship shared on these walks. And I've also considered the loneliness I felt as I was left to finish my journey all by myself. I'm grateful for those who walk with me in my many journeys, and whether they have to break off to head toward their home, or whether they continue on with me, it's always nice to have a companion. We can be that for each other, virtually or in person. We have many opportunities to step onto someone's path, share a block or two, then leave, knowing we've lightened each other's way, if only for a moment. Let's remember that not only are we walking each other home, but that we're also being walked home - both roles are significant - regardless of where we're going. As I begin this blogging path with Lifting Hearts, I want you to know I'm available to walk with you. Cancer took a step onto my path, and I had the most amazing companions on my journey. I'm here, I'm ready.

If you want to learn a little about me, check out my blog,, where I've blogged about my cancer journey, and beyond. Happy trails, Ronda

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