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By Survivors For Survivors

Welcome to our CREATIVE page - these are things made by survivors FOR survivors... feel free to browse around!

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Transformed - An Adult Coloring Book of Survivor Quotes

This beautiful book includes 50 butterfly designs along with inspirational words and quotes. The butterflies are a special symbol of transformation, hope, faith, and rebirth. Only 2 of the 50 designs are cancer specific, so anyone who has survived anything will benefit from this.

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The Beauty Remains - Volume 1

This is a journal with 50 prompts to help survivors tell their story. Each prompt includes 2 writing pages, an art page, a page to record lessons learned, and an inspirational quote.

Volume 2, with an additional 50 prompts, will be released soon.

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*25% of the profits from these books will be donated to Lifting Hearts for the healing retreats.

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