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About Us


In 2010, three breast cancer survivors joined together at the invitation of their doctor to form a breast cancer support group in Utah Valley.  Each of these women had been through the trauma of a cancer diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and reconstruction.  Each stage of their journey was filled with challenge, pain, comfort, and hope.  These women had a lot to live for, and they made it through with grit, determination, and the help of their doctors and loved ones.

With a common goal to be healthy survivors and to help other survivors heal, a group was organized to provide mentoring, monthly support meetings, breast cancer retreats, service opportunities, and family activities, all aimed at sharing support, wisdom, laughter and hope.  Each woman who joins Lifting Hearts gains instant friendships with women who have walked in her path. She finds a place to celebrate today and figure out tomorrow, whatever comes.

Today, over 1200 women and their families have benefited from Lifting Hearts.  The board has expanded to include dedicated women who apply their talents and energy to strengthening our programs and reaching more survivors.  If you are a recent survivor, have recurrence, or are still dealing with survivorship issues, please join us.  If you would like to make a donation in money or services, we welcome your contribution.





Bethanie, Kara, Colette

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