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Lifting Hearts Foundation Ribbon - 2021

Upcoming Events...

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Release~Breathe~Renew Retreat

Held in the Caribbean of the Rockies – Bear Lake, UT

*We have canceled our FALL retreat for 2024

Retreats will resume in 2025 - APRIL and OCTOBER

Join us as we learn together to navigate the

life changes caused by a breast cancer diagnosis...

classes, projects, pampering, and SWAG!

Plenty of time to visit with fellow survivors, and a

professional photo session will round out the retreat.

There are 80+ survivors on the waitlist for future retreats.
Please contact Kara Herron:, or call 801-360-4666

To be placed on the list for 2025 retreats, please fill out this form:

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Lifting Hearts Foundation Ribbon - 2021

The diagnosis of breast cancer and subsequent treatment can cause physical, mental, and emotional trauma for cancer survivors. Lifting Hearts Breast Cancer Support Group is a place of healing and hope for all breast cancer survivors, but it is not a treatment center, nor does it provide professional services for any health-related conditions. Lifting Hearts offers restorative retreats, but retains the right to decide who may attend, and considers physical, mental, and emotional conditions when making that judgment. Applicants to retreats who require ongoing medical intervention, or who show evidence of emotional or mental distress, including expressions of self harm, extreme anger, or irrational behavior will not be allowed to attend.


Join the retreat staff of Lifting Hearts at this fun and helpful retreat in beautiful Bear Lake, UT, where we will dive into the world of breast cancer healing.


The 3 day retreat will include:

  • Daily "fireside chat" classes

  • Art classes

  • A professional photography session

  • Yin Yoga & Sound Bath session

  • An English Tea party

  • Self Care classes

  • A private Facebook group where a collection of everything offered during the retreat will be held, and fellow travelers can stay connected

  • A fun SWAG bag, filled with things to make you feel special

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~Why You Should Join Us~

It's HARD to navigate your way through a breast cancer diagnosis, treatments, and then move on with the rest of your life.  We understand - we are survivors too.  In the 11 years since starting Lifting Hearts support group, we've had the opportunity to meet 100s of survivors, partner with them in their healing journeys, and help them create lives of happiness following breast cancer.  We want to help you too! No matter where you are in your personal journey, it's so helpful to have a group of women going through it with you! That's what we are here for, and this retreat will help you learn the way forward as you move into THRIVING.

Join us and 20 other survivors as we

learn, laugh, cry, and create TOGETHER.

Presenters and Speakers

Kara Herron


Kara is a 15 year breast cancer survivor.  She is the Director of Marketing and Social Media for Lifting Hearts, and is 1 of 3 founding members of the group.

Kara is a certified health coach,

a successful business owner, a retreat host, and she offers an online self-development course. 

Kara's passion is helping

women become their best selves. She loves traveling, reading, mixed media, and self-care of any kind!  Kara works with her sister, Kris, in a children's non-profit and enjoys bringing Christmas to 100s of kids.

Kara is a wife, mom of 4 sons (3 are married), and a grandma

to 4 adorable grandkids. She LOVES this one beautiful

life she's been blessed with.

And she loves helping other

survivors to heal and move forward.

Bethanie Newby

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Bethanie is the Director of Development and Community Engagement for Lifting Hearts and is one of the founders. Bethanie is a university instructor, a gardener, a skier, and lover of all things zen. She has lived and worked internationally, including with humanitarian non-profits, and in several cancer advocacy groups. She is a 15 year breast cancer survivor. Bethanie loves to help women find their own strength and live large.  Bethanie keeps busy as a wife, mother, grandmother and friend, and embraces the love and messiness of everyday living. She treasures her association

with breast cancer survivors

and loves to connect them

with Lifting Hearts and

with each other.

Kristin Johnson


Kris is the Director of Events for Lifting Hearts.  She is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury, and lives with 3 autoimmune diseases. She is especially aware of the pain our survivors endure and loves passing on her knowledge of different pain control techniques and coping skills to the survivors.  Kris also runs a children’s non profit and its Christmas program, serving up to 250-300 children and their families for Christmas each year. Kris loves art and crafting and loves to garden. She is a wife and mom to 9 kids. 8 adult children, 5 spouses and her favorite thing is spending time with them or just hanging out with her teen daughter and 10 grandkids! Kris is dedicated to service and to helping others find joy on their life journey.

Colette Harris


Colette is the Director of Mentoring and Service in Lifting Hearts. Besides being a former elementary school teacher, a wife, a mother of 6 and a grandmother of 8, Colette is also a 15 year breast cancer survivor. She is one of the three founders of the Lifting Hearts Breast Cancer Support Group. When Colette isn’t busy chatting with breast cancer friends, she enjoys reading, trying new recipes, sewing, and taking very long walks to burn off the calories from enjoying big family dinners and treats with her grandkids. She cherishes the hugs, laughter, tears, heart-felt conversations, service opportunities, support group meetings and retreats she has shared with many survivors through the years and looks forward to sharing the journey with many more.

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Lifting Hearts
Retreat Staff Volunteers

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Testimonials from Lifting Hearts
Release~Breathe~Renew Retreats

Kristin Laird

I had the opportunity to attend the Lifting Hearts Retreat in Heber. It was such an amazing experience!!!  I was challenged in ways that I never would have been had I not gone to this retreat.  This was truly needed!!!  The women I met are amazing! I still keep in contact with many of them. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I had to see such strength and bravery all in one place!!!”

Kristin Laird - round.png

Wendy Neville

“Thank you so much for lovingly encouraging me to attend.  It helped me relax and realize that I deserve a break and that I am worth something.  That I did go through something hard, that I am strong and brave!  Thanks to all the sweet ladies who make this retreat possible, it is a wonderful blessing to many women who need to be reminded that they are strong and beautiful!”

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Diane Hoffman

“This has been such a soul uplifting weekend.  Sharing laughter, love and stories with all of these new “sisters” has made my cancer journey even more strong and special.  To everyone who worked so hard to make this weekend happen, may good things come back to you a hundred times over.  Your generous spirits allow us to feel like the beautiful, spiritual women that we are.”

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Janet Wilkey

“Attending a Lifting Hearts retreat was life changing.  Going through breast cancer was hard.  I felt like people around me didn't understand a lot of what I went through, even though they tried.  At the retreat, I was around so many wonderful women that understood.  They knew and understood what it is like to go through cancer.  It was the first time in a long time I felt understood.

Janet Wilkey - round.png

Lynn Schwirtz

The healing that I experienced through different modalities, exercises, journaling, coloring, creating, expressing, talking, listening, laughing and honestly sharing will stay with me for the rest of my life. The experiences were rich and full of intention and love. Such amazing, beautiful women!  I am truly grateful to Lifting Hearts for the way that they selflessly honored, cared for, loved, included and changed my life for the better.

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Darla Stevenson

"The Lifting Hearts retreat...  was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. 

The ability to gather with others who are on the same path, or have been, is so valuable.

Kara, Colette, Bethanie, and their amazing board are all so full of love and compassion and joy, they truly do know exactly how to Lift Hearts!!  I will forever be grateful for them and the gift they gave me of being able to attend the retreat.” 

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Diane Jones

“The Lifting Hearts retreat that I attended was desperately needed at that point in my life! I had completed all my breast cancer treatment that put me in "survival" mode and I was beginning to be flooded with a lot of emotions related to that. I needed to talk to and hear from other women who had experienced the same things I had and I was richly blessed and left the retreat feeling calm, fortified, understood and loved!”

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Francene Deegan

“Being able to attend the Lifting Heart's retreat in 2017 was very healing for me... being able to meet all those other amazing women who were battling with their diagnosis gave all of us the ability and the power to believe in ourselves. I learned so much from the sweet ladies who put this retreat together, not only taking time for myself but to to love myself and to love those around me and not take things for granted and not to feel guilty.

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