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Only One Purpose

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

From an article written for Lifting Hearts in 2012 by survivor, Kathy Christensen:

"I love my job at the bank because I meet such fascinating people and they teach me so much. Randy is one of those people. He is probably in his mid forties. He is severely handicapped and mentally challenged. He is deaf and therefore has difficulty speaking, but he holds down a job and brings his deposits into the bank on a regular basis. Karen is a woman who has taken Randy under her wing. She told me one day, “I loved him the minute I met him.” She has learned sign language and she (along with her husband) brings him in to help him with his finances. I love to see them when they come in. There is no fanfare and no public recognition…just love and charity being displayed in its purest form.

Seeing them makes me think of the many people who have touched my life. Most are not public figures and they probably don’t have huge bank accounts or drive the biggest and best cars. But their hearts are full of genuine concern and love. Among these are the women in our organization Lifting Hearts. They are organized for only one purpose…to lend support and love to those who are suffering from the rigors of Breast Cancer. They are among the most noble women I know.

I was drawn to a song written by Alan Jackson about his father. The entire song was worth listening to, but the chorus catches the spirit I am trying to create in this week’s blog. It goes like this:

And he Bowed his head to Jesus

And he stood for Uncle Sam

And he only loved one woman

Was always proud of what he had

He said his finest contribution

Was the ones he left behind

Raised on the ways and gentle kindness

Of a small town southern man

Although I was not raised in the south, the chorus of this song resonated with me deeply even the first time I heard it, because I know so many unsung heroes like the one Jackson sang about. While our society seems to be fascinated with the lives of the rich and famous, I feel that perhaps equal or even more attention should be given to those who are noble and unknown, for they are the backbone of this nation. We also need to recognize that all of us have a circle of influence that is greater than we realize, and if we each invest ourselves in doing all we can to lighten the load for the people in our circle, the world becomes a more pleasant place for all of us. Although most of our lives do not play out on a public stage, we can add a great measure of joy to those we serve, just like Karen does for Randy, and the women of Lifting Hearts do for those who are progressing through their Breast Cancer journeys. There are endless opportunities to do this and I for one, plan to be more aware and a little less self absorbed so that I can bring at least a few more smiles to those within my circle.

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