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Seasons of Cancer

As I watch Spring unfold around my world, I've been reflecting on the seasons....

Fall, when everything stops growing, and the trees and bushes shed their leaves - the colors dim, and the "life" slows down. Winter, with it's bare trees, lack of color, and cold. And then the world wakes up slowly, and Spring is here, gradually coloring the world with green leaves and grass, and flowers in a rainbow of colors. Summer follows, as we enjoy warmth, and rest, and life.

My cancer journey perfectly mirrored the seasons... I was diagnosed at the beginning of Fall, and as the leaves fell from the trees, my hair fell out, and I lost much of the "life" that was in me, due to the chemo treatments and surgeries. By the time Winter came, I was colorless and bare - full of drugs, and so tired. My treatments ended in February, just in time for Spring to show it's pretty face, with all it's promise of life. My hair started to grow, right along with the buds on the trees, and the flowers in my garden. My health started to bloom again. By Summer, I had started to enjoy life again - those lazy days with my kids home from school. And I breathed a sigh of relief that the hard Winter of my disease was over.

That year of my life, as the seasons changed, and my life changed, was very symbolic for me. To have my body and soul changed in a mirror of what was happening in nature, helped me to know that the winter does end, and the spring does come again... a perfect example of Hope, Renewal, and Fulfillment.

Each person's life will come full circle, Even as the seasons do, To start another, different life, Much better than the one we knew. ~C.A. Schlea~

I hope that in whatever season you are right now, you'll enjoy it, and know that it will change, and you will change, and everything will get better. Take a minute to record the seasons of your cancer journey in your journal. Have a wonderful Spring day!

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