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Did That Really Happen?

I looked back on my cancer blog (Foobbabe's Cancer Journey) and found something I wrote a little while ago - I thought I'd share it...

"Every once in a while I wake up in the morning and think about everything that has happened to me, and I just can't wrap my head around it. I just can't believe that words and experiences like chemo, mastectomy, reconstruction, etc. are part of me.

Then, there are those days when I spend time becoming acquainted with the person that is the new me - with the woman who prevailed through trial, who learned to be a better person than before cancer was an experience she had to go through. Someone who learned many deep and meaningful lessons - like the power of love, the importance of kindness and acceptance (especially for yourself and your new body), and the example of charity.

Does that ever happen to you? I hope if it does, you'll take time to reflect not only about the trial of breast cancer, but also about the new person you've become - physically, mentally, and spiritually."

-Kara 22 month Breast Cancer Survivor

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